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In the OPAC you can search all media in the libraries of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. You also have access to the holdings of external libraries via the menu item "Interlibrary Loan".

What functions does the OPAC offer?

Search / account functions:

  • Search the entire holdings of the Offenburg + Gengenbach campus libraries
  • Renew your borrowed books
  • Reserve borrowed books
  • Order books from the Offenburg library collection
  • Suggest books for the library

Interlibrary loan:

  • Order books from other libraries
  • Order journal articles from other libraries or check whether an electronic journal is licensed for Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Further information:

The SuperLiteratureSearch searches millions of full-text sources from journals or books licensed for Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and is therefore immediately available to you electronically.

Prerequisite: Your computer must be logged into the university network. If you are located off campus, you must first establish a VPN (with standard profil). Alternatively, you can use Shibboleth; i.e. as soon as you access a full text, you select - per publisher - the institutional login via Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

How do I access the full text?

Click on the "To full text" button to access the publisher's website and select the full text. Please note that you need a VPN or Shibboleth.

Click on the "Check availability" button to check whether the full text is freely accessible. If not, you have the option of placing an interlibrary loan request (for a fee) via the OPAC.

Still nothing relevant for you?

Then you should consult a more specialized database. Search the Database Information System (DBIS) for a suitable database and carry out a new search.

If necessary, also use English-language search terms, as the focus of the literature in the SuperLiteratureSearch is on publishers from the English-speaking world.

Please note that the SuperLiteratureSearch does not include all sources. It is searched:

  • Library catalog
  • Article und chapters from several thousand e-journals and e-books

Some important sources are not included for various reasons:

  • Beck Online
  • WISO
  • Scopus
  • Statistical sources

To almost all topics there are high-quality databases that offer literature. You can access a database via the Database Information System (DBIS).

You can find important databases for your faculty or degree program here:

Use the search slot to find other databases. Please use general search terms.

There are also databases for standards and statistics:

Depending on the security level of your browser, a certificate may be required. Please first click on "I know the risk" and add the exception.