Writing Office

What is the Writing Office?

The library offers writing consultations and training courses on all aspects of academic writing. Here students will receive support with questions about literature research, the structure of a term paper, citation or academic writing style.

For individual consultation, please make an appointment with Steffen Lindemann.

We are happy to help you!


As research is an extensive topic, we have set up a separate page for it.

Click here to find an overview for research.

Are you working on your seminar paper, term paper or thesis? In order to organize and cite the required literature effectively, we offer you helpful support: literature management programs.

Zotero is a free literature management program that can be used on all common operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

With Zotero you can collect, manage and annotate literature. The bibliographic data is formatted according to the desired citation style and bibliographies are created automatically at the touch of a button.

You need the Zotero Connector to enter literature directly from the browser. A plugin for your word processor (Word, Libre Office...) is automatically installed together with Zotero.

Optionally, you can create a user account online to synchronize data between different devices and work collaboratively in groups.

For instructions, use Quick Start Guide von Zotero or attend one of our training courses, which we offer regularly via Zoom (more detailed information during the semester on the site Training Materials).

Weitere Informationen:

Various citation styles are used at the university. It is therefore advisable to always follow the official guidelines of the respective citation style. For a general orientation independent of individual styles, we recommend the following reading:

Can a journal be cited? In the narrow, scientific sense, only citations from journals that meet scientific criteria may be used. You can find a list of citable journals in the Master Journal List.

Unsure how to cite an article? Enter the DOI of the source in the DOI Citation Formatter, select the citation style and language and have the citation generated automatically.