Hänsel and Gretel in the library

Get to know our new „employees“ of the library.

Saugroboter mit Sprechblasen
© Steffen Lindemann

Hansel and Gretel have done a magical job during their first few weeks working in the library! Just like in the fairy tale, they rolled through the forest of bookshelves and vacuumed up the dust, dirt, and all the lost hairs from previous semesters.

Their crumb-hunt will not only keep the carpet up to snuff, but will also minimize the amount of dust in the air. This means that our students and professors will collect less dust in the library and be able to absorb more knowledge.

By the way: Since Hansel and Gretel are nocturnal, they do not disturb anyone during the day and do not want to be disturbed in their slumber. So please let them rest at their charging station.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Association of Friends of Offenburg University. Thanks to their generous donation, we were able to adopt Hansel and Gretel!