Scenario 3: Providing Materials for Self-Study

Providing Materials for Self-Study

The learning platform Moodle allows you to set up courses accompanying your lecture/class and providing materials and activities, such as:

  • Course scripts, PPT sheets, exercise sheets, sample solutions
  • Online learning activities, exercises, quizzes
  • Discussion forums

Progress Checks

  • To start a discussion with your students, set up a Forum as a Moodle activity (⇒ MoodleDocs instructions). Inform students that questions about the learning material will only be answered in the forum, not via email. Motivate the students to give each other answers to the questions asked. Moderate the forum by summarizing answers, asking further questions and correcting wrong answers.
  • For even more direct, immediate communication, the Chat System of Hochschule Offenburg is another great option. Here you can set up your own channels and then link them in Moodle. Teachers, staff and students of the University all have access to the chat system.
  • If you want to assign tasks and collect students' contributions, you can use the Moodle activity Aufgabe (assignment). In this activity you can set deadlines and give individual feedback (with points, grading scales and verbal feedback). The activity can also be done as group work.
    MoodleDocs instructions
  • To test students' knowledge you can use the Moodle activity Test. Tests can involve a variety of question types and can be done in different modes (with single/several tries, with/without displaying solutions/feedback, etc.)
    MoodleDocs instructions

You will find instructions and tips on the most important Moodle functionalities in the [German-language] course Einstieg in Moodle. The Moodle demonstration course provides an overview of further options. A Moodle course template can be found here.