Managing References in a Paper or Thesis

Citavi Software

If you are working on your seminar paper or thesis, the software Citavi is a very helpful tool to collect, organize, evaluate, and finally cite literature effectively.

Citavi offers research in subject databases and library catalogs; you can transfer electronic resources, for example, at the push of a button. Managing your references is made very easy, too: Assign books and essays to your topics or your outline – this automatically creates a manageable structure. The citations you want to use can be transferred directly to your text (e.g. within Word or LaTex). What is more, the bibliography is also created automatically.

In Citavi 6, you'll find many new features, including support for working on multiple computers and in teams.

All students, faculty and staff of Hochschule Offenburg have free access to Citavi through the University’s license. First, install the software on your computer. When you create a user account on the Citavi platform with your campus login data, you will receive a personal license key for managing more than 100 references.

Please note that, to protect your privacy, you do not have to fill in fields such as your first name and last name with real personal data when you create the account. Make sure to read the Citavi Privacy Policy.