Scenario 2: Recording a Class/Lecture and Putting it Online

Recording a Class/Lecture and Putting it Online

Note that if you have low bandwidth, you can also just record an audiofile or podcast.

Record a Zoom Meeting

The easiest way is to record your course in Zoom. Click on the button "Aufzeichnen"/Record in the Zoom toolbar.

From at home with your own computer

With the following tools you can create your own screencasts/videos:

  • Zoom: Record a Zoom meeting by clicking on the button "Aufzeichnen"/Record in the toolbar
  • PowerPoint (Instructions)
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio): free of charge (⇒ Instructions - Podcast, Online Seminar by Prof. Ettrich from 25 March 2020)
    For the settings you need so that the video can be transcoded in ViMP (see below), see here.
  • Camtasia: free 30-day license, after that subject to a charge

For all screencasts, we recommend using a headset (e. g. Logitech H390).

At the Hochschule

Room E008 at the Offenburg campus is equipped with recording technology. In addition, mobile recording stations are available one each at both Offenburg and Gengengach campuses.

For questions, please contact Michael Canz.

Prepare Streaming Videos

Moodle is not the right place to store large (video) files. YouTube is problematic for data-protection reasons.

For uploading and storing the video files, therefore, the University makes the video platform ViMP under .

There you can log in with your campus account, then access the videos from Moodle and share them in your course.

For a detailed written description [in German], see here. For a video instruction, see here.


Copyright information

  • Make sure to set video visibility to "hidden" when uploading to the video platform. Public videos are visible everywhere in the world - no login needed!
  • Share videos in class via Moodle only
  • Consider using a registration key to protect your course room